Which version of the product is right for you? In the following product versions, a Single CPU is classified as a single processor socket which can support up to a quad core processor.  Server versions support up to four processor sockets allowing up to 16 processor cores.

Access your relational databases and structured text files and develop your initial services. Quickly build prototypes or evaluate your intended integration solution with XAware Basic.  Compare features here.
Basic Single CPU
($295.00 USD)*
Basic Server
($599.00 USD)*

Build, access, and deploy your web services. Manage those services a management console that integrates with application servers. XAware Standard comes with bundled JBoss deployment support and access to professional support for one year. Compare features here.

Standard Single CPU
($599.00 USD)*
Standard Server ($1198.00 USD)*

Design web services with a variety of adapters common to many enterprise applications like JMS, Java objects, multi-format text files, transactions, and batches. XAware Gold includes enhanced professional support for one year, making this version our base enterprise deployment option. Compare features here.

Gold Single CPU
($1999.00 USD)*
Gold Server ($3998.00 USD)*

Develop and deploy large, complex enterprise integration solutions with advanced components such as FTP, LDAP, and COBOL copybooks as well as streaming. XAware Platinum includes extended management console features and comprehensive professional support for mission-critical enterprise service deployments. Compare features here.

Platinum Single CPU
($4999.00 USD)*
Platinum Server ($9998.00 USD)*

Additional Support Pricing:

# Support Incidents






$300.00 USD

$1350.00 USD

$2500.00 USD

$5500.00 USD

Per incident cost

$300.00 USD

$2700.00 USD

$250.00 USD

$220.00 USD

To purchase, contact Sales at 719.884.5410 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Additional Items:

You can also purchase additional items as needed for your requirements.

Additional Designer License 1 License
($295.00 USD)*

Additional Designer License 2 License Pack
($590.00 USD)*

Additional Designer License 3 License Pack
($885.00 USD)*

Additional Designer License 5 License Pack
($1475.00 USD)*


* Annual License. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for additional informaiton regarding perpetual licensing.  Colorado residents will be subject to additional state taxes.

XAware Product Version Comparison Guide
Standard Gold Platinum
Annual License Pricing
Annual License, Per CPU Price (single socket)
$295 $599 $1,999 $4,999
Annual License, Per Server Price: 4 cpu socket max, or virtual server, or Hosted EC2 $599 $1,198 $3,998 $9,998
Service Access Methods (Connectors) - How another application invokes an XAware service
HTTP/REST Connector yes yes yes yes
Java API yes yes yes yes
SOAP Connector   yes yes yes
Batch Invocation Connector     yes yes
Messaging (JMS) Connector       yes
Data Access Adapters - How XAware connects to another data source
Core Technology Adapter Kit: SQL, Text, XSL yes yes yes yes
Web Services Technology Adapter Kit: HTTP/REST, SOAP, XML Mapping   yes yes yes
Enterprise Basic Technology Adapter Kit: Stored Procedure, JMS, Java Object, Advanced Text (multi-formatted files)     yes yes
Enterprise Advanced Technology Adapter Kit: JMX, FTP, SMTP, LDAP, COBOL Copybook       yes
Salesforce Adapter       yes
Technical Features
Database connection pooling yes yes yes yes
Basic logging/diagnostics yes yes yes yes
Integrated Spring security   yes yes yes
Distributed transaction management   yes yes yes
Application server data source management   yes yes yes
Streaming for large data sets       yes
Deployment Environment Support
Bundled Web Server (Tomcat) yes yes yes yes
Bundled Application Server (JBoss)   yes yes yes
Application Server Deployable   yes yes yes
Management Features
Statistics instrumentation   yes yes yes
JMX management console   yes yes yes
Management console       yes
Service history dashboard       yes
SNMP Notifications and alerts       yes
SNMP System management integration       yes
Forum support yes yes yes yes
Professional support   yes yes yes
Software update service yes yes yes yes
Technical alerts yes yes yes yes
Number of incidents   2 5 10
Support hours   Business hrs (MT) Business hrs (MT) 5x12
Emergency response time   8 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Emergency bug fix escalation 1     yes yes
Emergency hot fix escalation 2       yes
Indemnification       yes
Designer Licenses
Designer licenses included 3 Buy Additional Designer Licences 1 2 3 5
Annual Subscription Pricing
Annual Subscription, Per CPU Price (single socket)
$295 $599 $1,999 $4,999
Annual Subscription, Per Server Price: 4 cpu socket max, or virtual server, or Hosted EC2 $599 $1,198 $3,998 $9,998

* product versions and pricing subject to change
1 For priority 1 bugs, will schedule emergency release
2 For priority 1 bugs, will work continuously to patch software/solve problem
3 Additional Designer Licenses can be purchased for $295

All product versions include at least one license for the XAware Designer (Eclipse-based plug-in) for visual mapping, testing and debugging. All product versions include the full XAware Designer documentation and Examples, allowing you to review additional features and Adapters in which you might be interested; you will require a product license supporting the desired features in order to use them.