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XAware simplifies the task of accessing data.  Data services developed using XAware typically combine data from multiple sources, making it accessible with a simple service call using a common XML or JSON format. Inbound XML documents or messages are likewise processed into multiple data sources as appropriate, in a transaction-safe manner.

  "XAware Gets Data"
   -John Woolbright
     CTO, Synovus

Data services built with XAware are in broad use across industries including financial services, government, insurance, health care, and telecommunications. XAware's feature-rich product is delivered as an Eclipse-based plug-in for rapid, visual development, and a server component for deployment into the run-time environment.

If you're a business owner or simply responsible for finding a data solution, then we provide the pre-built solutions and consulting services to handle your data migration or integration problems. If you're a developer, or responsible for a team of developers, trying to design services that span any number of data sources to read, write, and transfer data between sources, then our software products and tools speed that development effort.
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XAware lets you:
  • Create, package and deploy web services with re-usable components that aggregate data from multiple data sources while meeting new compliance standards.
  • Use a wizard-driven approach to quickly configure, map and transform data into an XML view, driven by XML schemas.
  • Develop complex services using configurable and reusable components, conditional logic, business rule processing, and access to custom Java methods.
  • Process very large data files with nested records and format the files for bulk loading while scheduling and managing the file validation and loading.
  • Implement loading of large XML data files into back end data systems and shred the data held in those files to load it into multiple Sybase, SQL Server, or Oracle databases.
  • Create data retrieval web services that are integrated with third-party management systems to display data held in COBOL copybooks and DB2 databases and include complex transformations, mappings and management of internal messages using MQ queues.
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We solve problems like these:
  • One-time and regular migrations of your business data from legacy or out-dated applications into new data applications, which may reside either on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Data consolidation services when it's necessary for your business, or a department within your enterprise, to absorb critical data from another source and synchronize it with your existing working data.
  • Information sharing data services to link data across business departments, eliminating time-consuming manual processes, and confusion.
  • Data orchestration services across the various cloud-based and on-premise applications to ensure your workforce has immediate access to critical business data from their remote desktops and mobile devices as well as at their desks.
  • Data exchange services between your business and the systems into which your business must report, including regulatory agencies, government departments, and other services expecting input from your business team.
  • Complex data services that retrieve data from multiple Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle, and other data sources and serve that data up to your clients, customers, and employees for review, modifications and safe updating.
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